Still, Get Rid of It Now, FDA Warns



If You Have This Popular Ice Cream atHome.Dessert should be a sweet treat, not a cause for alarm. But if you’ve tossed some ice cream into your grocery wain lately, you will want to know about the rearmost food recall that might affect a pint you have in the freezer right now. Read on to learn what company is recalling its popular ice cream and why, plus what to do if you have any of the affected holders at home.

The rearmost ice cream news adds to a growing list of analogous recalls.

various ice cream in paper mugs next to essence scoop
This ice cream recall is just the rearmost among several others in recent months. Back in February, the Royal Ice Cream Company of Manchester, Connecticut recalled specific lots of Batch Ice Cream brand ice creams, posting the news of the recall after the company discovered the products had the eventuality to be defiled with listeria monocytogenes, which can lead to serious and occasionally fatal infections. Latterly the same month, the company expanded the recall to include an indeed wider array of conceivably defiled products.

Also in March, Turkey Hill Dairy of Conestoga, Pennsylvania recalled select holders of its Chocolate Marshmallow Premium Ice Cream. The company initiated the recall after a client discovered the addition of undeclared peanuts and communicated Turkey Hill to report the issue. The foul-up poses a serious or indeed life- hanging peril to people who have an mislike to peanuts.


The rearmost ice cream recall comes under analogous circumstances.

Van Leeuwen is freely recalling some of itsnon-dairy ice cream.
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream recall
The popular Brooklyn- grounded brand Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is freely recalling frozen 14-ounce pints of itsnon-dairy frozen cate product Oat Milk Brown Sugar Chunk. The recall notice is dated May 10 and published on the website of theU.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The recallednon-dairy ice cream could pose a peril to mislike victims.

Pile of Empty Pistachio Shells
The recalled Van Leeuwen Ice Cream may contain trace quantities of undeclared allergens — specifically the tree nuts cashews and pistachios. Accordingly, people who have an mislike or severe perceptivity to specific types of allergen (for illustration peanuts, eggs, sulfites, and tree nuts similar as homilies, brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pine nuts, and cashews) run the threat of” serious or life- hanging antipathetic response if they consume these products,” according to the recall notice.

The company initiated the recall freely after a client endured a response and filed a complaint. The chain of events led to the discovery that the lot contains undeclared tree nuts and was distributed in deceiving packaging. The company is probing what led to the impurity.

Then is how to know if you have the recallednon-dairy ice cream at home right now — and what to do about it.
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The recalled products are vended around the country in retail stores. Each comes in a 14-ounce white package with orange handwriting and an orange lid. Each is marked with the lot number 21V194 and a best-by date ofJan. 13, 2023; these details are displayed on the bottom of the pint. The recall does not affect any other lot marking, best-by date, or kinds of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream products.

The recall notice urges retailers who have the products to stop dealing and distributing them incontinently, insulate them, and contact Van Leeuwen Ice Cream right down for information about how to corroborate and dispose of any affected particulars.

Still, return them to the store where you got them for a full refund, If you’ve bought any of the impactedproducts.However, communicate the brand’s Kate Alberswerth by dispatch [email protected], If you have any questions about or by phone at718.701.1630 between the hours of 9a.m. and 5p.m. EST.