20 Men’s Style Trends You Should Actually Try in 2019



voguishness is generally anathema to what we consider to be great men‘s style. After all, moment‘s guys are still constantly told to wear time– recognized” classics” and to worship at the balcony of Cary Grant or Steve McQueen. But that does not mean that you can not have great style and challenge your comfort zone by embracing some excellent menswear trends that have cropped up more lately than your last viewing of Bullitt. Case in point The swish particulars that followSo read on, and be inspired to blend it up a little!

1/ Tie color

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Some men love it. Some men detest it.( For what it’s worth, we are exactly in that alternate opinion.) But anyhow of how you feel, there is no avoiding it Thanks to style icons like Jonah Hill, tie color was a huge trend in 2018 — and there is nothing to suggest it’s going anywhere in 2019. stillconsider hopping aboard, If you want to get some color in your life( and rack up tons of Instagram likes in the process). Go with a casual sweatshirt or hoodie for maximum cool factor.


2/ Slouchy acclimatizing

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For times, the morality regarding acclimatizing writ large — slimmertrimmer, fitter — has had men walking around like wannabe James Bonds. But the winds feel to be changing. On the runway, in recent seasons, contrivers from Armani to Zegna have featured looks with wide legs and soft shoulders — meaning it’s only a matter of time before we are all swimming in slouchy hair like it’s 1995. So get ahead of the game coming time you pick up a suitdo not get the slim fit.

3/ dummy fur

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Real fur is ostentatiousunethical, and frequently prohibitively precious.( Short interpretation It’s tacky.) These dayshowever, the fake stuff looks and feels just as good. And it’s far and widetoo bombers, parkas, and — if you want to attack two trends at formerly — indeed biker jackets.

4/ Stripes

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The’80s were good in some ways and bad in others. But the decade’s most obvious transgression was the collaborative death judgment it gave to stripes. Thankfully, the pattern survived — and it’s returned with further fineness than ever imagined. To stay on trendlook for a muted” chalk stripe” commodity that looks a bit like a sun– faded tattoo.( We do not recommend that for your skin, but it looks fantastic on your clothes.)

5/ Chunky sweaters

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In 2018, no matter where you looked( at least during the colder months), there it was the chunky sweater. From the string– knit pullover to the capelet– collar cardigan, thickmannish knitwear was far and wideNow, that does not mean you should toss out any bicep- hugging merino you’ve grazed up. But, come wintertime, try putting a little redundant meat on your bones — in the form of a whole lot of hair.

6/ Wearable tech

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We are suckers of the Series 3 functionality. But come on no matter what Apple’s design exponents do, it’ll always look a little dorky. That is where mongrel smartwatches come by. They do all the same cool stuff — timetable cautions, music controlhealth shadowing, one billion announcements — but look like the realdeal.However, that is the way to do it, If you want to hop on the wearables trend without immolating style.

7/ Plaid

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From greatcoats and blazers to pants, shoes, and everything in between( for case the picturedultra-stylish Burberry pack), plaid made a huge rejuvenescence in 2018. But we are not talking about soft– spoken Glen of the history. The plaids of moment are loud and proud — erected further to stand out from the crowd than to mix into it.

8/ Casual athleisure

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Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard plenitude about” athleisure” and the death of formality and all that jazz. And, to be fair, the impregnable march of Lululemon domination shows no signs of stopping. But the swish move these days is to tone it back a bit rather of going head– to- toe in out– duty gearjust really cool brace of lurkers( or some sweats that could sub in for trousers) will do the tricksuppose of it like a casual approach to casual wear and tear.

9/ Shearling

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There is not a single men‘s style influencer these days who does not have at least a sprinkle of Instagram posts featuring shearling fleecesutmost are traditional, in camel or tan. But the trendiest accounts — or, rather, the men featured on them — step outside of convention to gemstone bright colors or temperamentalpitchblack suede.

10/ Fun socks

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The most naturally debonair men on the earthexhibition A Justin Trudeau) give it all head to toe — literally. Spice your sock hole up with polka blotchesdiffering stripes, colliding colors, and the suchlikeComing time you go shopping, toss a brace or two of stinky footwear into your bag. Or let professional hairstylists choose for you, and subscribe up for one of the numerous subscription sock services out there.

11/ Burgundy

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It’s high time to break out of the cortege argentineblack– tan earth. As substantiated by virtually every runway show andA-list collection of the history, oh, 18 months, there is another color that looks great on literally every joe Burgundy. It’s bold yet reservedcommanding yet not tyrannous, and is the rare tinge that seems impervious to colliding.

12/ Olive

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It’s just the rearmost illustration of the fashion assiduity lifting from its favorite collaborative poet The service. This is good news for you, however, because — like fosse fleeces, pea fleeces, and every other livery– inspired piece of apparel — olive looks great on everyone and with everything.

13/ Hiking thrills

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For timeshiking thrills fell exactly in the” gear” order. But now they have come off the trail and into the road with unmatched panache — bright colorsblend– and- match accoutrements , enormous soles. Men wore them with suits and jeans and everything in between. But if you are new to the trend, stay down from the bells and hissesPick a brace that lifts alleviation from a dress shoe, with luxurious leather and a refinedstaid figure.

14/ Tote bags

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Packs and duffels are effective, but clumsymissions and couriers are swish, but kinda potty. These days, the most swish men on the earth are just tossing their stuff in a tote and hitting the road.

15/ Short– Sleeve Collared Shirts

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Forget what decades of office– drone style did to the short– sleeved shirt They are cool again — so long as you keep a many rules of thumb in mindGet one cut slim, with bicep- hugging sleeves. Make sure the collar is not so wide you’d look like a bowling alley season- pass holder. And to really attack the trendchoose a fun pattern.( Oh, and noway ever, under any circumstanceswear one with a tie.)

16/ ensigns

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From Supreme hoodies to Gucci- blessed everything, logomania was all the rage in 2018 — and, no matter your passions on the trend, it does not feel to be going anywhere soonBe careful before tryinghowever go too far, and you will come off as tacky or, worse, like you are trying too hard. Stick with tastefulmedium– sized ensigns and neutral colors.

17/ Long outerwear

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The important– ate rejuvenescence of three- quarter– length jackets was fluently one of our favorite fashion trends of 2018. Camel auto fleeces! Navy double– breasted fosses! Plaid greatcoats! Winter now is like a ocean of jaw- dropping styleGet on this trend, stat. As a perk no matter how you are erected, a knee- length jacket will make you look high and trimmer. Who does not want that?

18/ Camo

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Fact camo was designed to help people blend by. But, currently, in anon-combat terrain, if you are looking to stand out, camo is your stylish betDo not go with the traditional timber or desert schemehowever. As with all effects, blues and grays are the way to go.

19/ Chelsea thrills

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Yes, Chelsea thrills have been cool for times now — but that is exactly the point. They are not goinganywhere.However, there is no better time to start, If you have not hopped on the trend by now. Whatever brace you buy moment will still be cool hereafter, and coming time, and the time after, and … Well, you get the point.

20/ Bootcut jeans